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  • Welcome to Mateo !

    The world's first smart bath mat to monitor your body without thinking about it

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  • Our vision

    Frustrated with the effort it takes to self-weigh? It isn't much effort. It's that people don't really want to know.
    Mateo eliminates the need to step on a scale with the first smart bathroom mat. You step on it and while you dry your feet, Mateo recognizes you with a unique footprint recognition. The beautiful part of Mateo is that you log your weight without seeing it, and know that you can be alerted if anything is wrong so it removes the anxiety from a health signifier that often feels like a moral judgement.
    Change the way you see your weight and meet Mateo.


Access to an exclusive set of health data

  • Mateo has a high-precision weighing system that allows a 0.2lbs (0.1kg) measure up to 400 lbs (180kg).

  • With its bio-impedance analysis system, Mateo will tell you the composition of your body (muscle mass, fat mass, etc...).

  • Mateo is equipped with a footprint recognition AI algorithm, to identify every home user for an ultimate seamless experience.

  • Bored of your kids changing shoe size regularly? Mateo will tell you at every moment your child’s shoe size.

  • #1 posture analysis home device

    Thanks to its unique patent pending 7000 dot pressure mapping, Mateo can read your pressure footprint and give you a posture score based on how balanced you are. You get suggested exercises to correct your posture and improve your score, based on advices from our Doctors of Podiatric Medicine panel. The heatmap also allows Mateo to prevent chronic diseases, such as diabetic foot.

Our Team

  • Gauthier de Rouzé - CTO

    Specialized in Machine Learning & product development and experienced in IoT

  • Thomas Serval - Advisor

    Serial Entrepreneur & IoT Key Opinion Leader